You're supposed to flush your water heater once a year.

This tool makes it easy!

Are you experiencing any of these issues?

If so there is an easy do-it-yourself solution that removes 10x more sediment than traditional flushing. If your tank isn’t leaking there should be no reason to replace it.

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Restore Hot Water Supply

Sediment creates a barrier between the heating element and the water. The Turbo Tank Cleaner will: restore your hot water, increase water pressure, increase water temperatures, and fix fluctuating temperatures.

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Removes 90% More Sediment than Traditional Flushing

Tradition flushing only removes small loose sediment particles where the Turbo Tank Cleaner works to break up the large sediment deposits collected at the bottom of the tank.

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Reduce Energy Bill

Less sediment means your water heater doesn't have to work as hard. This tool will pay for itself.

Average cost to:
replace a water heater: $1,200
heat water (yearly): $400 - $600
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Stop Rumbling or Popping

Noises coming from your water heater are caused by steam bubbles escaping the sediment at the bottom of your tank. No sediment means no popping.

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Eliminate Sulfur Smell

Hydrogen sulfide or better know as the rotten egg or sulfur smell, is the product of decay and chemical reactions with soil and rocks. Removing the sediment helps to minimize corrosion and smells.

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Extend your Water Heater's Lifespan

Sediment build up is the #1 causing factor of water heater failures. Sediment can clog up the drain valve, block the water lines, and even cause a premature tank failure.

Turbo Tank Cleaner Tool

950 Reviews

$54.99 USD
  • Quick and Easy: install through the tanks drain valve hole, no need to drain the tank
  • Universal: works on all gas and electric tanks, can use any cordless drill and standard garden hose
  • Safe: the tool won't damage the tank's interior, see FAQs
  • Clear Housing: allows for full visibility during sediment removal
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Easy-To-Follow Instructions

  1. Install the Turbo Tank Cleaner through the tanks drain valve hole
  2. Attach a common garden hose (not included)
  3. Spin the Turbo Tank Cleaner using a drill (not included)
  4. Watch the sediment sucked into the tool, ground up, and discharged through the attached garden hose to a remote disposal area


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