Put a Turbo Tank Cleaner in Your Tank, and Keep Your Money in the Bank


A Company That Conceptualized the Turbo Tank Cleaner

Muehleip Inventions LLC has been delivering results since its establishment in 2014. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer experience and tremendous value for our clients. This is why our owner, Craig Muehleip, spent time conceptualizing the Turbo Tank Cleaner.

Benefits of a Clean Hot Water Heater Tank

Diligently flushing out the dirt and mineral buildup from your water heater tank can lengthen its lifespan. However, most homeowners skip this vital step until their water heaters no longer work. When you purchase our Turbo Tank Cleaner, you get a convenient tool that ensures your water heater tank will keep running efficiently.

Why Trust Us

We understand the struggle of repairing water heaters, we’ve been there before! And we want to make your life easier.

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